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Computer Science and Engineering @ UCLA

Here are some projects I've worked on recently.

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UCLA Engineering
Marketing Intern
Sep. 2019 - Present
  • Assisting with the 50th Anniversary of the Birth of the Internet, with industry leaders such as Eric Schmidt, Mark Cuban, Henry Samueli, Jameela Jamil, Vint Cerf, Patrisse Cullors, Jamie Dimon, Ashton Kutcher, and Peter Thiel
  • Designing and publishing digital media content via UCLA's Engineering Facebook page, Instagram, and Twitter.
Bruin Entrepreneurs
Feb. 2019 - Present
  • Directing Bruin Entrepreneur's annual 1000 Pitches event, a four-week long campaign across UCLA’s campus, with the goal of fostering an entrepreneurial mindset and encouraging every student to think outside the box. This event will take place in Fall Quarter 2019.
  • Assist in the development of digital media, including the main website, and our designathon site.
  • Lead weekly night meetings to general members, discussing entrepreneurial related topics.
Berkeley Labs
Software Engineering Intern
July 2019 - Aug. 2019
  • Assistant to Dr. Daniel Dwyer, on the Deep Underground Neutrino Experiment (DUNE)
  • Co-developed a baseline algorithm with >98% accuracy, which clustered 3D voxels of simulated neutrino events using a first pass density-based noise reduction algorithm (DBSCAN) followed by PCA and basic thresholding
Software Engineering Intern
May 2018 - Sep. 2018
  • Built and maintained a PostgreSQL database for clinical patient data from a joint UCSF study
  • Constructed a complex data pipeline for database ingestion which utilized AWS EC2 instances, S3, and Batch
  • Developed Python algorithms which compute metric data from raw sensor data, over varying time intervals
  • Designed and carried out a protocol to systematically collect data for a fall detection algorithm
  • Executed Monte Carlo Simulations of photon absorption in multi-layered tissue
May 2017 - Aug. 2017
  • Developed Python tools to aggregate, manage, and analyze sensor data collected from prototype sensors
  • Created reliable and robust methods for managing clinical data utilizing multiple RESTful API’s and AWS
  • Constructed a GUI used internally and at UCSF for precisely timing data collection protocols
  • Developed a method to manufacture optical tissue phantoms used as a control for sensor development
VAT Inc.
Mechanical Engineering Intern
July 2016
  • Improved CAD models of semiconductor manufacturing equipment for customer reference
  • Wrote excel scripts for automated querying and organization of comprehensive BOM lists
Tango Systems Inc.
Mechanical Engineering Intern
June 2015 - Aug. 2015
  • Assembled semiconductor manufacturing equipment in a clean room
  • Created CAD models of semiconductor equipment in SolidWorks 2015

About Me


Cody Swain


Computer Science and Engineering

Expected Graduation:

December, 2020

Employment Status:

Seeking a summer internship for 2020


What do I do?

I'm currently in my fourth year at UCLA, pursuing a degree in Computer Science and (Electrical) Engineering. During this upcoming quarter I'm directing a campaign called 1000 Pitches, and helping the UCLA Engineering Department run a student outreach and advertising campaign, for the 50th Anniversary of the Internet. Besides participating in these events, I'm working on an iOS and Android application (developed in React Native) for event aggregation and social planning.


  • Python (Pandas, NumPy, Sklearn, Psycopg2, Boto3, Flask)
  • Javascript (React Native)
  • SQL (Postgres, MySQL)
  • AWS (S3, EC2, RDS, ECS, Batch)
  • C++
  • CAD (SolidWorks, Autodesk Fusion)